"The songs are sounding great. You and your team(s) are doing a bang up job...!!! The writing, performance and production nuances are very cool. Please pass along my props! Thanks, Bill."

Bill Paukert - Hasbro


"My Goodness it is great to hear from you! Christopher IS Honk-Honk-Ashoo!!!!!
We love his voice and were thrilled to be able to recruit him for the role!"

Ralph Cosentino - animator/illustrator Penguin Publishing/Cartoon network


"Got em...they sound good! The client really loves the song!"

Mike Kilburn - Envision Media Group


"The theme sounds fantastic!! Thanks for taking advantage of your free time and investing into my project. I sincerely appreciate it."

Jonathon Dentler - Producer, "The Amazing Imaginarium" - Moody Broadcasting Network




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